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At General Paints we realise that supplying high performance coating systems is not always sufficient. The sometimes complex environments in which our clients operate often require a more thorough approach taking into account the various factors that influence efficiency, cost effectiveness, specification details and environmental considerations.

Our team has a broad range of experience in application engineering and will be happy offer an advisory service where appropriate. This expertise often helps to evaluate existing coating procedures which need to be optimised in respect of the various parameters, such as throughput speed, VOC emissions, energy consumption, improved working conditions and job safety. We also work with a number of engineering companies assisting in the design and construction of new facilities where required.

We work with our customers to create detailed solutions which result in improvements to quality and cost efficiency. Being an innovative and flexible company we can often develop tailor-made coating solutions, specific to our clients needs.. Many of the products within SustainRange were once products designed for designated clients and have found broader applications in many areas.

Our commitment doesn’t end there. To ensure that your coating process runs smoothly, our experienced technical representatives can be assigned to provide continuous advice and onsite support throughout the process, Our aim is always  to establish long term partnerships with our clients, offering solutions that address their issues and therefore bring a complete solution to their coating needs.