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Eco-friendly car park marking paint

Car park marking paint is used to clearly define parking spaces, help car park users navigate entrances and exits, and indicate pedestrian zones. Without highly durable and highly visible markings, car parks are unsafe and chaotic spaces. To ensure drivers … Read More

What are the benefits of using high performance paint?

High performance spaces need high performance paint to provide durability, protection and easy maintenance.

Why you need a quality industrial roof coating

An industrial roof coating provides much needed protection from elements like inclement weather and pollutants. 

How water based metal coatings are diluting the need for solvents

Water-based metal coatings are increasingly replacing solvent-based paints for finishing metal equipment and metal structures in the UK.

Antiseptic coatings: the last line of hygiene defence

Antiseptic coatings can be found anywhere hygiene protection is paramount, such as in hospitals, care centres, laboratories and food preparation/service areas.

Concrete floor paints – steps for painting a concrete floor

Some tips for painting your concrete floor. Concrete floor paints make floors in basements, garages, warehouses, gyms and manufacturing facilities safer, cleaner, brighter and more functional. Here are some simple guidelines to follow. Concrete floor paints improve the look and … Read More

High performance industrial coatings, a vital element of modern industry

Life, by its nature, is fleeting. The old saying of ‘nothing lasts forever’ doesn’t only ring true for living creatures, but for the objects and possessions that inhabit human’s lives. 

Aviation paints essential to aircraft protection

In today’s globalised society, airplane travel is an omnipresent and important facet of people’s lives.

Motorway line paint a key factor in making roads safer

On the bustling, congested motorways of Britain, the importance of creating safe conditions for motorists has become more apparent than ever before.

Paint for hospitals should aid in reducing germs and consist of non-toxic properties

Hospitals are required to be as clean and free of germs as possible because sick patients go to hospital to recover from illness. Any form of germs and bacteria can be extremely detrimental to one’s health and even hinder the … Read More