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A brand you can trust & service you can rely on

SustainRange is a brand of General Paints. The SustainRange brand consists of 7 separate product groups, each designed to meet the specific needs of their industry and includes:

  • SustainGuard – Anti-corrosion range for steel protection in the OEM industry
  • SustainCare – Protective coatings range for the wood care industry
  • SustainProof – High performance range for concrete protection and flooring
  • SustainHygen – Hygienic range with anti-microbial properties for healthcare/food production/equine industry
  • SustainLine – Quick drying range for line marking in road construction
  • SustainSound – Light weight sound dampening range for the automotive industry

Supporting these innovative products groups, our supply is backed up by the unrivalled expertise of our customer service team and technical representatives who will assess your exact needs and assist in specifying the optimum coating solution.

Constantly at the forefront of sustainable coating technology, General Paints’ products are tested, approved and certified to all the relevant industry standards. This continuous drive for product excellence ensures that we provide state-of-the-art coating solutions that will not only meet but exceed your requirements.